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What does freedom mean to you? If you could picture it, what would it look like?

This photo is my representation of freedom. I took it up in the White Mountains, where I went solo hiking back in October. Solo hiking can be a little nerve wracking so I'm always excited for the challenge, but more than that I was excited to drive myself up to New Hampshire.

Ummm.... Why?? (I hear you ask). Let me explain.

Not long ago the thought of taking myself on a solo road trip would have left me terrified and close to tears. I've spent my whole life trying to avoid driving, and year after year the limitations that presented grew bigger and bigger, and became more and more restrictive. Each year I resolved to get more comfortable driving (I've had a license forever) and each year it didn't happen. Until now!

In June I got myself a little hatchback. When I started Kabbalah in August it was only the second time I'd driven myself anywhere without Nick as a passenger (aka co-pilot), and I was pretty nervous doing it. In that first Kabbalah ascension weekend I made it one of my Kabbalah goals to get comfortable with driving. Fast forward just a couple of months and here I am driving myself up to the Whites!

It is amazing how supportive the Kabbalah journey is, and how it can help us transform our lives in so many ways. Driving might not be a big deal to you if you've been driving most of your life, but for me it was a terrifying impediment that stood in the way of me and my freedom, and being able to overcome that fear and get behind the wheel of a car has been priceless.

Honestly, I love how spiritual growth and healing can be so darn practical! If there's something that stands between you and your freedom I strongly encourage you to take Kabbalah and find out just how exhilarating it can be to find your freedom.

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