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Ensofic Reiki

Ensofic Reiki is the purest, most powerful form of reiki with unbroken lineage going all the way back to Mikao Usui, the originator of reiki. It's a highly effective way to deal with emotions such as anxiety, stress, and anger, and has been known to help relieve physical conditions of the body.

Whether one is working on physical or emotional issues, the overall experience of Ensofic Reiki is profoundly relaxing, and leaves clients feeling refreshed and renewed.

Sessions can be done in-person or remotely via distance healing. 


$150 In-person, 1 hour

$100 distance, 30 minutes

Book your in-person appointment here, or your remote (distance) appointment here. Alternatively, send me a message to let me know you'd like to discuss this healing session and learn about how it could benefit you personally. 

****Please note: I will be seeing clients one day a month throughout spring 2024, as we renovate our home and prepare to welcome our child into the world. I will not be seeing clients over the summer, but hope to resume one day a month again in the fall****

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