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Fire Soul Infusion

Safely awaken your Kundalini (life force) energy, to achieve dramatic results here in the physical world. See shifts in your productivity, creativity, passion and sexuality and start to accomplish your goals more easily.

​This session helps to:

- Increase creative/sexual energy

- Increase passion for life

- Increase clarity and connection to ones' purpose in life 

- Help sexual energies return to normal after an unbalanced Kundalini awakening

- Increase your potential

Cost: $300

Pre-requisite: Life Activation

Book your Fire Soul Infusion at the same time as your Life Activation to save $100, or check out Healing Package 2 for information on a series of healings to make your goals become a reality. 

To book your appointment please send me a message. To learn how this session might benefit you personally, please feel free to schedule a free consultation via the contact page.  

Image by Joshua Newton
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