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If you like to read the reviews first (like I do), this page is for you. It highlights a few testimonials from my clients to give you a sense of how these sessions have benefitted others. You can find most of these reviews posted on my Google profile or Facebook page; some were sent to me directly. If you have questions about how these sessions would benefit you directly, text me, or use the 'request a consultation button' on the contact page to schedule yourself a free consultation.

Kat is wonderful! I’ve had a life activation followed by hermetic rebalancing. Through these sessions, I have acquired more clarity, which is exactly what I needed. Her voice, presence, and energy is so calming. I highly recommend her, and her meditation sessions are great too!


- Courtney R.

I was looking for an energy healer/practitioner for over two years and finally found Kat and Inner Fire Healing. I truly, deeply believe in the work Kat is doing and she helped me shift my energy in unimaginable ways. I strongly recommend anyone who is every slightly intrigued in energy work to have a visit with Kat. She is comforting, kind, open and a great listener, I cannot recommend Inner Fire Healing enough!!


- Kristin M.

Kat is simply a blessing! I have attended her meditation class and have got a life activation- best decisions of my life! Kat is genuine, warm, selfless and absolutely brilliant! Throughout the session she was very patient, calm and understanding. She answered all my queries, doubts and fears. Entire experience was intense and powerful! The peace of mind and clarity that it brought is something I won’t be able to express in words. Eternally grateful!


- Sanyukta S.

It was awesome, every time I’ve been there. Kat is great, her meditation classes are very very good, very friendly place, and I also tried a life activation session, also a great experience. Recommended!!

- Gustavo R.

Kat is amazing. Not only is her personality one of warmth along with a very down to earth nature, but she is exceptionally gifted as a healer. I’ve received reiki, along with a variety of her healing offerings and all of her work has been hugely impactful in me moving forward in my life. Clarity, peace, and improved energy, sense of self are just a few if the benefits I’ve experienced from working with her. Life changing.


- Anna M.

I’ve seen Kat for a life activation and currently in the middle of a hermetic rebalancing. First of all, Kat has a very calming presence and you can tell she is very passionate about the work she does. She really takes her time to listen to what is going on in your life and about the goals you’re working toward. After my first treatment with the life activation I left feeling very calm and with a clear mind. Since then I feel like things in my life have been falling into place and I’ve been taking steps toward my goals with more confidence. I can’t wait to see what the current sessions will bring into my life, and very much look forward to continuing to work with her even more in the future. I feel like this is just the beginning of my energetic healing journey ❤️


- Tabitha D.

- Jenal A.

Seriously, what a gift. With everything going on in the world right now, it's exactly what I needed. I also start my new job tomorrow and so happy to have my head and my heart in a good place. Thank you!

Kat is an incredible healer. She cares deeply for her work and is empowers her clients to create sustainable change in their lives. I am so grateful I chatted with her about what was going on in my life- she recommended the Hermetic Rebalancing 3 series and it helped me shift and listen to myself and my next steps in life. Thank you Kat for your support and healing!


- Kate B.

It is difficult to summarize the complexity and depth of the healing I experienced at this facility. It was profound and deep at the time of the service, which in my case consisted of three sequential healings, the power and pleasantness of which simply snowballed both during that sequence and thereafter.

Truly words cannot do it justice to describe the benefits. And it would be hard to believe that they have spread to so many other parts of my life personally and professionally and yet it's all true.

I recommend without reservation that all those I care about seek out the healing skills that Kat possesses. As I understand it the work she performs brings varied ideal gifts to its recipients but never disappoints.


- Kevin B.

Hi Kat, I just wanted to thank you again for an amazing session. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was exactly what I needed. Have a great weekend and see you again soon :)


- Bun L.

Thank you Kat for taking the time to do my Life Activation. It was a very special moment, pretty intense actually. I did not see the effects right away, but 3 years later I can definitly say it helped me see clearer in what I wanted. Many things changed in my life since then. I got my Life Activation June 2018 and every following June has brought me major life shifts. I feel more aligned with my choices and who I am now. I would recommend a Life Activation for anybody who wants to get closer to their truest self. It's a journey, but a worthy one.


- Anaëlle F.

I had a wonderful Fire Soul Infusion healing with Kat recently! The healing felt very blissful and relaxing while receiving it and the day after I felt more focused and grounded.

I highly recommend working with Kat- she is easy to work with, has a passion for her work and has some powerful healing tools!


- Christina H.

Kat’s loving and accepting energy is a gift! She is a highly skilled, powerful spiritual practitioner who put me at ease and went above and beyond what I could have imagined. During the Hermetic Rebalancing session, I had beautiful detailed visions and could feel my soul healing as Kat worked on my soul body. Her angelic voice and serene way of being are enlightening and uplifting. I felt buzzing with good energy and had a clearer mind by the end of the session. Kat is amazing!! She is so talented and grounded. I recommend doing the three series of the Hermetic Rebalancing with Kat, the fruits will be out of this dimension!

- Andrea S.

A few months ago I started to feel overwhelmed and "stuck" in certain areas of my life. After my Life Activation with Kat, I almost immediately felt like any negativity that was weighing me down had been lifted and soon after I had a clear sense of where I needed to direct my time and energy into. Thank you for helping me bring focus and calmness into my life. 

- Zilia M.

Hey Kat, I really just wanted to say thank you for the class the other day. The reason why I'm sending this now is because I can really tell the difference just after the one class. I really didn't think just one class would have such an impact but it did. I had always had the issue of persistent upsetting memories that would either make me depressed or angry and it seemed like no matter what I tried, I couldn't get them out of my head. I tried working out more, sleeping better, diet, etc. They tended to take a toll on my confidence and well being. After that class, those memories aren't in my thought nearly as much as they used and when they do appear they don't bother me nearly as much as they normally would. I'm hoping I can find another place close to me that does meditation as well and it would be cool to take another class with you (Davis square is a bit of a hike for me but on weekends I'd be more than willing). Guess my mom was right all along! Again, thank you and I hope to take another class with you in the future. 

- Louis C.

Kat creates a beautiful, safe space during her guided meditations. I felt really comfortable allowing myself to let go and be present in the moment. These sessions have been a powerful support during these unsettling times.

- Charlotte D.

My first Max meditation with Kat was live in a yoga studio earlier this year and I loved it so much, I found myself wanting to do it again. For the past few months in quarantine, I have looked forward to meditating with Kat every other Sunday. It has been a nice break from the intensity of our current reality and has helped me lessen feeling overwhelmed and be more aware of thoughts I should let go of that don't serve me. Kat's voice is warm and calming. The environment she creates is welcoming and one of openness to feel anything or to share about your experience. The meditations have a consistent order and flow to them which has made it easier to build my meditation practice and notice how I have experienced each differently. I highly recommend anyone to try a Max Meditation with Kat.

- Maruchi K.

I had a great experience with Kat's offering of an Aura Healing. As a seasoned energy healer I am familiar with the energy, sensations, and shift that can take place and my experience was nothing short of profound, having been given the space to release some old thoughts and energies that don't serve me. She is a true professional, has a compassionate demeanor that is authentic to her practice. Highly Recommend!!!

- Anthony P.

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