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Energy Clearing

A full energy clearing helps to clear negativity and junk from the aura, and allows you to plant the seeds of thought that will help you create that which you truly desire in life. 


Emotional cords build up over time, tethering us to others in ways that may feel toxic or slow our progression. An emotional cord cutting clears these etheric ties, leaving you feeling lighter and free from negative attachments.

An emotional cord cutting is accompanied by a negative energy removal, designed to clear out the residual negative energies that accumulate in our aura over time.

These modalities are particularly helpful for those who are wishing to heal the strained elements of a relationship with a friend or family member, or move on from a toxic, unhealthy relationship.

Cost: $75

This session is included for free with all Life Activations. Looking to do this as a standalone appointment? Book your appointment here, or send me a message to let me know you'd like to discuss this session. 

Image by Faye Cornish
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