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Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a profound modality that uses Hermetic energy to return the parts of our soul that have left us. Following trauma, parts of the soul will leave our being, resulting in the soul - the essential translator between the spirit and the physical - being incomplete. Soul Retrieval gathers these parts of our soul, and brings them back to our being to be reintegrated. Upon return, these pieces of our soul will be clean and clear of the previous trauma, and can be considered a blank canvas, upon which you can create your next stage of life.   

Cost: $250

Recommendation: Receive a Life Activation first to establish your healing journey, and allow for the parts of your soul that return to better desire to stay. 

Book your session here, or send me a message to let me know you'd like to discuss this session and learn more about how it could benefit you personally. 

****Please note: I will be seeing clients one day a month throughout spring 2024, as we renovate our home and prepare to welcome our child into the world. I will not be seeing clients over the summer, but hope to resume one day a month again in the fall****

Image by Alexander Andrews
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