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Life Activation

Have you been feeling stuck? Low on energy? Not yourself? Perhaps you are looking to accomplish a goal that seems out of reach, no matter how hard you strive? 

This is the place to start your healing journey.

A Life Activation creates a foundation from which you can start to build the life you are looking for. It aligns you with your higher self, helping you access your potential and true purpose in life. It is a way to flow more light into your life and clear the blockages and obstacles that have - consciously or unconsciously - stopped you from progressing in life. 

Typical benefits of a Life Activation include:

  • Greater calm and a sense of peace with oneself

  • More confidence

  • Greater ability to pursue ones' goals

  • Healthier boundaries

  • Reduction in negative thoughts and emotions

  • Increased energy

  • Greater clarity

This session includes a set of vibrational essences ($50 value).  

Cost: $250

Duration: 1 1/2- 2 hours

Book your appointment here, or send me a message to request a free consultation to discuss this further.

****Please note: I will be seeing clients one day a month throughout spring 2024, as we renovate our home and prepare to welcome our child into the world. I will not be seeing clients over the summer, but hope to resume one day a month again in the fall****

Image by Erriko Boccia
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