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Hello! I'm Kat, the founder of Inner Fire Healing. If you're reading this page my guess is that you're curious about your potential, wondering how to move past all that has held you back in the life, or looking to heal from previous traumas and toxic relationships. Perhaps you feel stuck in life. Or maybe you're just feeling discontent and know that there must be more to life (spoiler alert: there is!). Maybe all of the above. In short, my guess is that you're here because you're looking to change something in your life. 


Inner Fire Healing is all about creating healthy change and balance through healing and empowerment. In many senses it is the culmination of my own healing journey to date.

As a former skeptic, it is hard for me to believe I am writing these words and that my understanding of the world - and of myself - could have shifted so much. But it has, and I have got to tell you, it is SO much better.


Several years ago my constant night terrors drove me into a state of desperation. They would occur up to three times a night and left me feeling drained, anxious, and unable to focus at work. They were also extremely disruptive in my relationship. I had tried everything that Western cultures consider helpful for curing them, but with no luck. After some back and forth in my 'science is everything' mind, I decided to try energetic healing in the hopes of a different outcome, one that had eluded me for 20+ years.


Although I was initially only searching for a good night's sleep, I soon realized the huge benefits that energy work was having on my life - I was more confident, had healthier boundaries, was less preoccupied with what others thought of me, and had fewer negative thoughts and periods of depression. And of course, I started sleeping peacefully through the night, which was priceless. In short, my life was transformed. 


I'm now a certified Life Activation Practitioner, Kabbalist, and level 2.5 Ritual Master with the Modern Mystery School. I offer energetic healing sessions and lead guided meditations using the Max Meditation System™, a fusion of ancient Tibetan practices and modern-day neuro linguistic programming, which combine for a deeply relaxing experience. And I'm here to share them with you.

In our modern culture science is considered the gold standard, and energy work is often relegated to the realms of sub-cultures and charlatans. This is such a great loss. Having experienced such profound shifts over the past few years I've come to believe that anything is possible, and that if these ancient healing modalities can help me, they can most certainly help you too. 

If you'd like to schedule a free consultation to find out how this work could benefit you personally, click the button below and let's schedule a time to chat. Want to read about people's experiences with this kind of work? Check out some testimonials

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