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Shamanic Aura Clearing

A Shamanic Aura Cleaning is a beautifully relaxing session that recharges our battery when we are feeling drained. It gently cleans the aura, allowing it to let light in and hold more light. 

This session clears mental toxicity and the pollution of judgement that we hold against ourselves and others, and allows us to have clearer thoughts  Through this session we can release a situation that has been weighing on us, or holding us back, and restore our connection to the flow of light and to a sense of peace in the mind and the soul. 

Cost: $200

Book your session here, or send me a message to let me know you'd like to discuss this session and learn more about how it could benefit you personally.

****Please note: I will be seeing clients one day a month throughout spring 2024, as we renovate our home and prepare to welcome our child into the world. I will not be seeing clients over the summer, but hope to resume one day a month again in the fall****

Image by Martin Neuhold
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