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Core Will Infusion

This incredible session clears out your energetic central core, the 'processor' and organizer for all elements of your life. Through this session you will clear your mind and connect to a higher will to push through resistance and accomplish your life's purpose.

This session is ideal for people who are:

  • Looking to overcome addiction(s)

  • Looking to overcome co-dependency

  • Seeking to quiet an over-active mind

  • Seeking more clarity on their life's direction

  • Needing to feel like themselves again

  • Anyone who needs help seeing the cycles that have held them back in life


Cost: $300

Pre-requisite: Life Activation

Book your Core Will Infusion at the same time as your Life Activation to save $100, or check out Healing Package 2 for information on a series of healings to make your goals become a reality. 

To book your appointment please send me a message. To learn how this session might benefit you personally, please feel free to schedule a free consultation via the contact page.  

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