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Healing Package 2: Manifesting Your Goals and Dreams

This package is for those who are committed to making significant progress toward their goals and dreams.

Session 1 begins with a Life Activation and Energy Clearing. This will start to clear away the obstacles and blockages that have held you back, and connect you to your highest self, increasing your intuition and inner sense of guidance.

Session 2 is a Crystal Healing.

Session 3 is a Fire Soul Infusion, which will safely awaken your Kundalini - life force - energy. Directing this sexual/creative energy will result in shifts in your productivity, creativity, passion and sexuality and  will enable you to start to accomplish your goals more easily.

Session 4 is a Core Will Infusion, designed to center you in your life and in your power, and help you push through resistance to accomplish your life's goals.

Duration: A minimum of 4 weeks is needed for this package.

Package cost: $850

Regular cost: $950

Savings of $100

To secure this package rate please send me a message and let me know when you would like to begin.

Image by Jan Tinneberg
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