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Healing Package 3: Balance, gain clarity, flow your light

This package is for those who are feeling ungrounded or disconnected from themselves and are looking for balance and a clearer, new perspective on life.

Session 1 begins with a Life Activation and Energy Clearing. This will start to clear away the obstacles and blockages that have held you back, and connect you to your highest self, increasing your intuition and inner sense of guidance.

Session 2 is Hermetic Rebalancing, the most powerful rebalancing session available in the Modern Mystery School.

Session 3 is an Aura Healingcombined with another Energy Clearing. Aura Healings and Energy Clearings are a powerful way to create distance from drama, negative attachments, and bad habits, and to break the cycle of patterns that will otherwise be repeated. Clearing out these old energies makes space for newer, brighter ones to come in.

Session 4 is a Cosmology Reading, where you will receive personal messages relating to your strength and areas of development, and will better understand the influence of the astronomical events surrounding your birth year. 

Duration: A minimum of 4 weeks is needed for this package.

Package cost: $800

Regular cost: $900

Savings of $100

To secure this package rate please send me a message and let me know when you would like to begin.

Balancing Rocks
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